Top 5 nails salon near TX 77095


Top 1 : Angel’s Nail Spa

Top 5 nails salon near TX 77095

Add : 16046 West Rd, Houston, TX 77095

Phone : +1 281-550-8822

Google Maps :’s+Nail+Spa/@29.9083388,-95.6508079,17z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x8640d6d254c52b3f:0x6296d6a73415463d!2s16046+West+Rd,+Houston,+TX+77095,+USA!3b1!8m2!3d29.9083342!4d-95.6486192!3m4!1s0x8640d6d30702155d:0x51dabb120ad2515b!8m2!3d29.9083272!4d-95.6486321

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tera theriot:

I so enjoyed my time with the ladies at Angel’s today. I had been going to a different salon and hadn’t been pleased with the service recently and decided to try Angel’s. I am so glad I did! The ladies were very kind and did a great job! I definitely will be getting my nails done here from now. I booked my appointment for two weeks.

Anh Tu Duong:

Tram did a great job on my nails! I had dipped done on my natural nails and they didn’t come out thick like other places. She was very meticulous and made sure the results were perfect. I will definitely come back to visit and to try their other services!


Clean & nice place to beautify your nail. Their people are really friendly and they care about what you are thinking and what you want, so you will definitely got pretty nail as you expectant. Professional still and facilities. I got so happy and relax there. Will definitely come back!

Finn Harper:

My nails look so cute and the staff is extremely sweet. Definitely worth my drive from downtown. Thank you so much, ladies!!!❤️

Top 2 : Euphoria Nails & Spa

Top 5 nails salon near TX 77095

Add : 9405 Huffmeister Rd, Houston, TX 77095

Phone : +1 281-861-8828

Google Maps :,+Houston,+TX+77095,+USA/@29.9134094,-95.6341011,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x8640d13b17c493b1:0x52695566ed7a25e7!8m2!3d29.9134048!4d-95.6319124

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Blessed O’Sheldon:

My First time going here….only three words describes the services they offer at this place; Precision, expertise, and satisfaction. Tim is very friendly, but Tommy did my nails; best cuffing shape ever. The before and after pics says it all…Will definitely go again.

Emma Sorrels:

I keep trying to grow my nails out because I have always bitten them. The only way I can keep them growing is by having the powder done. I usually end up taking them off within a week though because they are too long. I always tell the technicians to go as short as possible but they never do. This time he did and I am loving them. I haven’t even thought about pulling them off. They are clean and friendly. I got a pedicure at the same time as my nails so I didn’t have to sit there for hours to have both done. I definitely recommend this place.

Cyrelle Mello:

Very relaxing. I like the atmosphere. Also my technician paid close attention to detail which makes me very happy!

Rachel Molna:

My nails are always on point when I go here. Their color selection is awesome and I always find the cutest colors. They are the best and always has great customer service.. I recommend to anyone

Top 3 : Venus Nails & Spa

Top 5 nails salon near TX 77095

Add : 15703 Longenbaugh Dr # D, Houston, TX 77095

Phone : +1 281-345-1829

Google Maps :,-95.6449441,17z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x8640d0d2525516ed:0x29b8401bafbdb915!2s15703+Longenbaugh+Dr+D,+Houston,+TX+77095,+USA!3b1!8m2!3d29.8913225!4d-95.6427554!3m4!1s0x8640d0d24d90ab83:0x72eea66db658ea7b!8m2!3d29.8912072!4d-95.642817

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gabreel dotson:

I loved the service here. Very polite and they take their time and check and correct any mistakes. I love my nails and feet. Kelly did my pedicure and she’s so sweet. Tina did my nails and she’s very communicative. Excellent service.!

Katie Anderson:

Love this nail salon the ladies are so friendly. They have tons of nail polish colors, gel and powders to choose from! Julia is my go to! She is amazing when it comes to my nails! Love her!

Britni Davison:

I really enjoy the quality of their work at this salon, it’s much better than others. Pricing is fair and they are always willing to fix anything you have an issue with. Keeping appointments on schedule has been a challenge historically however overall very satisfied. Tina or Julia for nails, Mai for pedicure. Mai is fantastic, best pedicures I have ever had!

Rachel Brownhill:

I love coming here and everyone is friendly and they do a great job on my nails and feet! Tina is a great manager and all her girls are excellent! Julia does a great job on my nails and Tammy does my pedicure with some great ,pretty designs on my toes. Anyone you see will do a great job though! I totally recommend!

Top 4 : Red Carpet Nails & Spa

Top 5 nails salon near TX 77095

Add : 7700 Hwy 6 N #2668, Houston, TX 77095

Phone : +1 281-855-8787

Google Maps :,-95.6435065,17z/data=!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x8640d0d2176cb151:0x33454009cce39a89!2s7700+Hwy+6+N+%232668,+Houston,+TX+77095,+USA!3b1!8m2!3d29.8896271!4d-95.6413178!3m4!1s0x8640d0d21668fa71:0x4a3cf70b796c86f7!8m2!3d29.8895665!4d-95.6414466

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Crystal Habetz:

Took my girls today and they loved it. Fast friendly service. Love the art, the water wall and the music. Price is reasonable. They have drinks also!!! Will be going back in the future. Thank you for getting them done so quickly.

MaryAnn Walker:

I love Red Carpet Nails and Spa. Even though their menu of pedicure options lists the time for each, if it takes them longer to get a client job done right they take the extra time they need!

Norma Silva:

I hate trying new places but last week I decided to try this place & I was NOT disappointed. I absolutely love their attention to detail & how well they made sure that I was comfortable. Nikky did such a great job on my full set nails & it’s been a week since I got my nails done by Nikky & they still look fresh! They look like I just got them done. I absolutely love my nails. This will definitely be my new nail spot.

Shanel_ No7:

Went in to get a dip nail and Tina did amazing job! Super friendly and very professional. Definitely will be coming back

Top 5 : NW Nails & Spa

Top 5 nails salon near TX 77095

Add : 8945 Hwy 6 N, Houston, TX 7709

Phone : +1 281-463-9199

Google Maps :,-95.6331077,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x8640d0caae465ec7:0xd00e7afc062feff!8m2!3d29.9088345!4d-95.630919

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Linda Lopez:

Excellent customer service! A little pricey. The owner Tina always makes sure you are happy.


This place is excellent. Great customer service and nice massage (that is not my foot)..

Jennifer Ayala:

Went in by appointment. My first time here and Nancy did an awesome job with my nails( full set) I went in needing a refill but she suggested I remove my old set so the powder would look better. She was right! She did a better job then my nail tech at my spot near my home. I just fired my old spot and I am now a new customer of NW NAILS! ❤️

Saida Ali Holyfield:

Great customer service. All the staff is great, but I love Tina!!